Commercial cleaning services
—   Office cleaning
—   Rubbish removal
—   Reception area cleaning
—   Bathroom cleaning
—   Common area cleans
—   IT cleans
Commercial floor care
—   Vacuuming
—   Mopping
—   Spot cleaning
—   Carpet cleans
—   Stripping & sealing hard floors
—   Buffing floors
One-off commercial cleans
—   Post-construction clean
—   Start and end of lease clean
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This will depend on many variables. Your Jani-King Franchise Business Owner will complete your cleaning at a time that is convenient to yourself and your business. This can be done either before, during or after business hours, at a time that causes the least disruption to your staff and your clients.

We pride ourselves on a stringent health & safety programme, all of our Jani-King Franchisees and their staff have completed Ministry of Justice checks and have all completed our world-class training.  All of our franchisees and their staff are required to wear security tags and be in Jani-King uniforms. We ensure all site specific safety plans are adhered to and our Jani-King Franchisees and their staff are trained in hazard & risk management.

We can service all areas in New Zealand. With regional offices located around New Zealand and over 500 franchisees located from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South, we're available in every corner of the country. So no matter how remote your workplace is, we'll be able to meet your needs.

When you partner with Jani-King, you'll receive high quality results through the use of new industry technologies, eco-friendly practices, expert equipment and highly trained franchisees , all with our trademark attention to detail.

We will organise to get it fixed.

We pride ourselves in being a sustainable facility services company. We are part of the NZervio Group of Companies. Our commitment to sustainability and the environment is explained in a comprehensive sustainability programme 2022-2025 document that outlines our primary targets and initiatives. This document can be found by clicking this link:

We use probiotic cleaners and or biodegradable cleaning agents. Our training and systems ensure that any chemical used is done so in a way that is safe to the environment and the people that work, play or live in that area.

With our innovative systems and nationwide network of franchisees, no facility is too large for our team to clean and service.  We work with a number of large partners including Spark Arena and the Canterbury Rugby Union as well as a number of large schools and universities around New Zealand.

We have $40 million in public liability insurance. Any preferred sub-contractors must also have public liability insurance.

When you partner with Jani-King, your first point of contact will be your Jani-King Franchise Business Owner and their Franchise Support Manager.  This team will be your initial point of contact for any questions, queries or additional help you may need.  If you need any other help, you can contact the Jani-King head office on 0800 526 454.

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